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Get Ready To Create And Host Customized, Captivating
Videos With Just A Few Clicks, Drags And Drops.
Video Creation Made Easy
We're never seen an easier video creation & animation software like vidgeos! Made for everybody!
Marketing Call To Actions
Market efficiently with live interactive c.t.a buttons,
email op-tin forms and even live countdown timers.
Market Globally No Limits
The world is your oyster! Market globally, no longer
is language a barrier with Vidgeos auto translate feature.
Live Editing & Publishing
Make adjustments & edit your videos in real time! Click save and the updates show live on your video.
Just Some of the Awesome Stuff You Can Do With Vidgeos

The Videos Below Took Less Than 10 Minutes And A Few Clicks To Create:

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Here’s Why Engaging Videos Are So Important:
You See These Words?
95% of Your Audience Skims Right By Them.
Professional videos are seriously important.
Especially when it comes to landing pages. I mean think about it…
How often do you actually read the text that’s way down here?
(How often do you think your prospects read the text down here?)
The words you are reading right now are what most people skim. They are here with the hope that you might come across them - but they aren’t the reason you ever buy anything. If you’re like your audience, you’re actually only reading the bold words and headlines.But that’s ok because...
Video On The Other Hand?
Video Converts.
Video has the power to capture attention, keep prospects on your page, and engage them with your
Every marketing “guru”, guide, course, book, blog and case study has a statistic for every niche, market and business that reads “split testing reveals: video can convert over 46% higher than other types of content.”
I mean, let’s be honest…
You’re reading these words right now because the video at the top of this page captured your attention.
At this point, practically everyone knows about the power of video.
I don’t really need to tell you (but I will do it anyway…)
Take a look at every single bestseller on ClickBank and ask yourself: What do I see? The answer? Engaging videos on each and every single sales page.
Head on over to JVZoo’s top 10 list. Go ahead and do it every day or week. I’ll bet that all 10 top sellers for today are using a video on the sales page.
Or you can ask the 71% of B2B, B2C, and online marketers polled in a recent study who agreed: Video content converts higher than any type of marketing content.
BUT – Not Every Video Converts. Think About It.

Poorly produced videos rarely increase (they can actually hurt) conversion rates…

And when you throw just another slideshow together, you run the risk of telling your audience:

“Don’t take me seriously. ”

You know, for a fact, that’s the cold hard truth. Just consider your own experience.
You click on links all the time, see videos on landing pages, and think:

“Ok, is this guy FOR REAL with the COLOR OUTLINED TEXT, outdated transitions, and 20-year-old pitch?

And that’s why you need to take your videos seriously, and start your year on the right foot.

You’re about to discover a way to capture your audience’s attention faster than ever before.

We’re proud to introduce to you, your next best friend... Meet, Vidgeos...

Check Out The Video Creation Tool That’s
Sweeping The Marketing World:
Introducing Vidgeos Video Creation, Animation And Hosting Tool
  • Never Hire Another Video Creator
  • Professional Videos In Minutes
  • Smart Elements Engage Your Audience
  • Designed By Marketers, For Marketers
  • Fully Mac & Pc Compatible
Intelligent, Animated, Pro Marketing Videos
Aren’t Easy To Make... Are They?
That’s What Most People Think. Watch Below To See How We Think.
Here’s How Vidgeos Is Going To Help:
Global Marketing
Until now this was not possible. With Vidgeos language is no longer a barrier as the text is automatically translated
Email Marketing
The money is in the list, the most true statement in online marketing. Use Vidgeos to build your email lists fast
Affiliate Marketing
Create affiliate marketing campaign videos simply referring people to great products using Vidgeos
Sell Your Videos
Sell all your Vidgeos videos impressing businesses with smart elements and all the animations
Videos That Sell
Easily create high converting videos that can engage your audience and turn your prospects into customers
Interactive & Live Videos
With Vidgeos your videos come alive with live interactive elements. You can also hyper link to affiliate offers & any website.
Instant Video Publishing
Save time rendering with our instant video publishing and live editing so you never have to waste time waiting
Funnel Upsell Videos
Vidgeos can create up-sell marketing videos too.
Vidgeos Eliminates The “Language Barrier”
Making Your Marketing Message Much More Effective

Automatic Text Language Translation

Out of 7+ billion potential customers ready to click on your videos and convert, only 335 million people
are native English speakers.

Ever wish you could capture the attention of audiences in the world’s largest developing (or already developed) markets?

The other 95% of the world that doesn’t use English on a daily basis so it's your chance to take advantage of this technology. Viewers and customers could thanks you later!

Thanks to automatic text translation, Vidgeos users are one of the top marketers prepared to tap into the global marketplace.

In a single click Vidgeos can translate the entire video presentation text into any language using our latest translation technology.

  • Get Ready To Take Your Videos To The Next Level
    With Vidgeos ‘Smart Elements’.
    Vidgeos is one of the first video creation tool that allows you to use smart elements that could engage your audience and
    capture attention by automatically adapting your videos to match viewer location.
    Customize Time, Date, City – Grab attention using the trick
    copywriting guru Dan Kennedy pioneered back in the days of
    direct mail. Set your videos to display the date, time, or city
    your viewer is in.
    Display specific country
    Display today’s date
    Display viewer’s time
    Display city of viewer
  • Automatic Text Translation
    Language is no longer a barrier thanks to vidgeos. Our smart
    video technoloy automatically detects the language of the country the viewer is watching from and automatically
    translates the text in real time. Expanding your reach globally.
    Automatic language translation
    3 different settings
    Over 60 languages
    Real time translations
Easy-To-Use, Single Click Customizations Have You
Up And Running In Minutes.
Single Click Animations
Animate any text, graphic, icon or more in your video with
dozens of drop-down selectable animations. Animations have
never been easier. You can also adjust the speed, delay & other
customisation options to make custom animations the way you want.
Customizable LIVE Calls To Action
Easily add buy buttons, email signup forms, limited-time countdown timers and more—all with the CTA you select. Instead of having the CTA’s as a layover, all our CTA’s are actually part of the video, making it more dynamic & interactive or your viewers.

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Automatic Text Translations
Set your text to auto translate for international audiences and
never lose an overseas sale. No need to create multiple videos in
different languages, vidgeos automatically translates the text to
the language of the viewers location. Viewer specific marketing
has finally arrived.

Click to watch video
Dozens Of Included Slide Templates
Set your text to auto translate for international audiences and never lose an overseas sale. No need to create multiple videos in different languages, vidgeos automatically translates the text to the language of the viewers location.
Sleek Video Player Design
After creating your videos, you can instantly customise and
create a custom video player to play your videos. Change the
style & color of the video player to suit your branding and more.

Click to watch video
An Intuitive Point, Click, Drag And Drop Interface
Voiceover Recording & Audio Editing
Set your text to auto translate for international audiences and never lose an overseas sale. No need to create multiple videos in different languages, vidgeos automatically translates the text to the language of the viewers location.

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Display The Viewers Name
Connect directly with each email subscriber in a truly personal and engaging way by using our dynamic variables feature. This enables you to display the viewers name when sending emails to your subscribers directly inside your video.

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Integrates Seamlessly With Amazon S3
Sick of paying expensive fees on video hosting? And wasting
time uploading your videos? Vidgeos plugs directly into the
world’s favorite file hosting platform Amazon S3 to provide you
with instant video hosting for literally pennys.

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Integrate With Youzign
Love creating graphics with Youzign? Now you can connect your Youzign account with vidgeos and instantly start animating your graphics inside of vidgeos! Graphics into videos in a matter of clicks.

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An Entire Suite For Your Video Marketing Needs Is Right Here
Absolutely everything our users need to create & play stunning, high converting videos with Vidgeos is included.
Vidgeos Video Creator
One of the first ever viewer specific video creation
& marketing application designed by marketers
for marketers & entrepreneurs. One of the most
advanced and next generation of video marketing.
Dozens Of Ready To Use Slides
We’ve also included dozens of pre-made slide
templates designed by pro animators & designers.
Simply select a slide, customise anything or everything
in the slide and hit save. You’re going to love them!
Smart Elements
Capture your visitors attention while also instantly
building rapport using smart elements. Add on the
viewers specific time, date, country & city that they
are viewing from in creative ways.
Voiceover Recording & Audio Editing
Need a voiceover for your video? Instantly
record your own using our built-in voice recording
app to add voice narration to your videos. Also add
audio backing tracks - crop, cut & add fade effects.
One Click Pro Animations
Animate any element on your vidgeos by simply
selecting it and selecting an animation from the
drop down menu. Add ‘In’, ‘Mid’, ‘Out’ & even
looping animations with one click.
24/7 Customer Support
Got a question? Need some help with getting
set up? No worries, our dedicated support team
are happy to help you get your feet wet. Just
shoot us a ticket and help is on the way.
Sleek Video Player
Tired of having to login to another video player
application, upload your video and then adjust all the
settings? Vidgeos removes all this time wasting and
gives you a pro video player in-built for your videos.
2 Step Seamless S3 Integration
Instantly after you create your video, upload it into
your own amazon s3 account with just the click of
a button. Enabling you to copy the embed code and
publish it directly onto your website in minutes.
Marketing Call To Actions
You need to generate leads & sales. It’s what your
videos are their for, and that’s why we’ve built in
animated call to actions such as buy buttons, email
sign up forms and other powerful fetaures.
User Friendly Interface
Creating pro videos could be as easy as drag & drop, point
& click. We have never seen a software so simple that
enables our customers to create such powerful
sales & marketing videos in literally minutes.
Build a Bigger & Better Business with Vidgeos…
Sign Up And Split-Test A Vidgeos Video Against
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Vidgeos {smart} Videos
Boring Slide Videos

Today, you have the opportunity to get access to Vidgeos, create your first video, and split test it against the cheap-looking, unengaging slideshow based video you planned on using.

You have 30 days to test the conversion pulling power of Vidgeo’s automated “smart elements,” animations, and HD icons, images, text and graphics against any video creation software.

If you’re not satisfied with easier video creation, animation, hosting, or ANY element included with Vidgeos, just let us know with a simple email and we’ll send your money back—no questions asked.

Sound fair?

So Go Ahead And Join The Future Of Video Marketing Today!

Once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll be taken to the access page so you can immediately
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Questions? Comments?
Check our FAQ below, or send our support team a message
Can I also host my videos with your app?
Yes, we have connected Vidgeos with the most reliable hosting platfrom Amazon S3. All your vidgeos will instantly be published into your S3 account from inside our app so you can stream your videos with confidence using the best servers online.
Is there any refund guarantee?
Try Vidgeos for 30 days and if, for any reason at all, you’re not happy with your purchase, contact for a full refund. No small print, no funny business.
What file format do vidgeos come in?
In short, vidgeos uses live API’s and other tech elements which enable the videos to be translated in real time as well as display viewer specific information which isn’t possible with a standard MP4 video. That said, you can easily record your vidgeos into MP4 videos using screen recording software such as Camtasia, videomotionpro and other FREE screen capture software. We are also building in an export feature for you to export your videos into MP4 format.
Can I record vidgeos videos into MP4 format?
We have created a video tutorial showing you step by step how to do that. In short, vidgeos uses live API’s and other tech elements which enable the videos to be translated in real time as well as display viewer specific information which isn’t possible with a standrad MP4 video. That said, you can easily record your vidgeos into MP4 videos using screen recording software such as Camtasia, videomotionpro and other FREE screen capture software.